My favorite movie is Princess Bride. For this project, I decided to create a typographical collection of the movie, the book, and the behind the scenes book by Cary Elwes. 
My first step was creating a document with quotes from the books and movies. I then tried laying out all the different quotes.
I realized this was a disorganized layout and I wanted more structure. After doing some research on different layouts, I came across a grid layout. I drew my inspiration for this and other layouts like it.
With my new layout idea, I created a new batch of layouts. I also tried to differentiate As You Wish from the book and movie.
I created a common color and font scheme. This allowed each item to be distinct on its own while also unifying with the other two items. I also decided to reverse the coloring on As You Wish to set it slightly off from the movie and book.
After making sure the words were even in the grids, I assembled a dvd, dvd case, and two books.
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