I have always been fascinated by weddings. I decided to combine that fascination with my love of typography and print design. I set out to create my very own wedding magazine.
The first step was researching other wedding magazines to see what they included in their spreads while also picking out ideas that I would like to include in my own magazine.
I found that most magazines had inspiration on color and what was trending, a photoshoot of a real or stylized wedding, and several ads. I wanted to create a magazine that shared what was trending in the wedding industry while also giving ideas on how to plan your perfect wedding.
I also created a mood board and logo ideas to go with my planned magazine.
I took all this inspiration and created my first draft.
After receiving feedback, I updated the layouts and expanded the magazine.
I loved working on this project because I was able to create many different layouts. By using the same color palette and typography throughout, I was able to unify the design.
While I did end up sourcing a lot of the material through wedding websites, I was able to create a few of the layouts using original content. I was able to include two pictures of my own design in the wedding invitation section. By using the bouquet I created in Floral Design, I was able to take photos for the bouquets section. After some research, I also wrote the section on how to be eco-friendly at your wedding. I also collected responses from two seeded paper companies and took pictures of the samples I received. I knew Val through a friend and was able to use her live wedding as inspiration in my magazine. Finally, I was gifted with the opportunity to use the photos from the Glimmer & Blush photoshoot that I was a part of at Kristina Designz.
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